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Hosting, Protecting and Managing WordPress

Don’t have time to update WordPress every few days? I secure, host and manage small and medium businesses who use WordPress! Stop worrying about your website becoming a vector for malware. I provide Emergency WordPress support.

Start-up Support

Are you starting a business? I can help you make the best decision by quickly providing useful info about every aspect of Web development.

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Extend or Tweak WordPress

Hire me to tweak, extend or fix your WordPress. I can un-hack your installation, extend it to do new things or properly configure it for maximum performance!

WordPress/Blog Consulting

I provide consulting for CEOs, Entrepreneurs and artists who blog. With over 22 years of experience in Web and social media, I provide you with a full service Web department, for the price of just one specialist!

So you don’t know how to program; whoopty doo!

So you don’t know how to program; whoopty doo!

I work with brilliant people and they often announce that they can't program, as if that's a bad thing. It seems that we developers come off as some kind of mysterious creature that can accomplish magical things. In reality the programming is not as important as the...

Lady VIP Suite: A Sketch Proposal for ‘Inside Amy Schumer’

Lady VIP Suite: A Sketch Proposal for ‘Inside Amy Schumer’

'LADY VIP SUITE' with Amy Schumer By Marie-Lynn Richard (@mlrichard) FANCY HOTEL BATHROOM You have just finished getting ready to walk to your show venue which is just next door. You check yourself out in the mirror, you look stunning as always. We see you putting a...

2013: The Year of the UHpinion!

2013: The Year of the UHpinion!

Not to be confused with an opinion, which is qualified, an UHpinion is a badly structured vomit of words based on unqualified information. 2013 saw an unprecedented number of UHpinions brought to the attention of millions by the mainstream media. In the olden days,...

New Cybersecurity Talks in English or French

URL Hacking WordPress for Fun and Profit
WordPress iteration attacks are not only easy, they are completely legal. Learn how to plan your site if you work for a company where embargo data is precious and valuable. This presentation is ideal for editors and managers of content heavy sites.

The story of how I inadvertently hacked the world's biggest energy service company
You will be shocked to learn how I passively wound up in the information frey of a global conglomerate I have no link to whatsoever. Humans are the biggest security hole in your company. Learn about 5 novel social engineering techniques that can be used with breadcrumbs left by your employees, using real world examples.

I quickly build solutions for your urgent problems

Currently serving the energy sector with corporate intranets and other quick web solution so you can communicate best with your employees and the world. Available in February 2017.

Delivering web-based applications to happy end users for over 20 years including : WordPress, Facebook apps, SaaS systems (CRM, online auctions & eLearning), custom CMS solutions for high information businesses such as NGOs, educational institutions and Fortune 500 companies.

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I work on highly technical challenging projects for awesome clients anywhere in the World.

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