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622670_10151311977138824_507221147_oA few years ago I bought a wedding dress. Perhaps I should mention that I collect such vintage things and turn them into non wedding related crafts (I hate weddings.) So far I have made so many things with it including a really sweet flapper dress (right) and many embroidered hearts.

This weekend I discovered close up photos of the costumes of Game of Thrones (French) and I have been busy as a bee testing out various techniques to build something similar, notably a fabric insect like those that adorn the clothing of the people of Quath.

Now I am making a huge dragonfly! Perhaps, if it is successful it will wind up on a fascinator! (Because I can’t wear hats…)  See my Flickr stream for the process of making a wing.

WIP Embroidered Wings!

See dozens of cheeky projetcs in my embroidery portfolio

UPDATE: This project is completed! See how it turned out!