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I have been watching the stats and feedback for my new Pinterest Desk application for Facebook for the past 48 hours and I am really happy to see people are finding it useful and pretty. The exquisite designer Lori Marsha of Refined Goods was the first friend to install the application. I just love how this is going to help me find new Pinteresters to follow and new Facebook designer pages to like.

You can add it to your Facebook pages!

Last weekend I hunted the Web for various photo display CSS tutorials and chose Nathalie Downe’s tutorial on displaying flickr photos as Polaroids from 24ways. Being too lazy to make a list of photos to display, I decided to pipe my Pinterest RSS through SimplePie, an open source RSS reader. It went so well that I quickly turned it into an application for my Selling on Etsy page and now anyone can add it to their page, in only a few clicks.

As a side note: Facebook should allow page-by-page app authorization

I am always curious to see how well I can develop for Facebook without putting people through the speed bump of having to accept an application that gets all of their Facebook data. Having to accept Facebook applications to perform simple tasks is a real pet peeve for me and this is why my Premium contest application does not ask participants to accept an intrusive Facebook application. This way participants provide the info that the promoter requests, and only that. However, as a page manager, I cannot accept applications that want me to grant them access to all my pages (for the purpose of posting to them or as them). Right now, applications for pages confirmation screen is an all or nothing system that requests access to ALL your pages in order to render a service needed for ONE. Most of the pages I manage belong to my clients and I cannot grant access to their pages to third party applications from developers I do not know. For the past 5 years Facebook has been deploying “not-so-well-thought-out” user experience and system improvements. But to be fair, the worst of these mistakes are reported and Facebook deploys improvements quickly. So I am sure Facebook will update their system to allow page-by-page application authorization. For now I continue to strive to provide the best user experience I can without asking my users to grant access ALL the pages they manage.