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Project: Creating a Cross Stitch Pattern from a .ICO file


You’ll need:

  • Aida cloth remnant larger than 32×32
  • Embroidery thread to match your design
  • Embroidery needle
  • Printer
  • Icon Edit
  • Snagit

Back in September I realized that I could take any windows icon and make a cross stitch chart out of it. I figured a 32×32 square wouldn’t be too daunting for me. This became my Christmas gift to Marie-Tangerine’s dad. I have always loved this “Shocked Cartman” icon from an Icon Factory set published in 1998.

Cartman Ornament (Finished)

Here is an early picture of the work with the printed pattern.

Cartman Chart Cross Stitch

In this tutorial I give you the quickest route from a to b, however if you are technically saavy you can probably use other software to achieve the same results.

1. You can use Icon Factory to capture the icon you want on the Web or simply save the .ico file and open it in the program.


2. Now you have a conveniently seperated pixelized image. But it’s a bit small. Capture the display area using Snagit or [Prt Scr]. Paste into an image editor and blow up 200%. The cleanest way to do this is in Snagit by zooming the catured area and re-capturing the results.


3. You an print this page as is or import it into an image editing software to create a color key. For Cartman I re-created a box of each color on the side and wrote which DMC thread matched the color. I highly recommend that you match your floss colors ON SCREEN rather than on the printed paper.

Print out the results (stitching-cartman.pdf) and voilà, you are ready to stitch.

These small squares are perfect for tree ornaments, biscornu designs and badges.