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Big WordPress Emergency?

You can retain my services and I will most likely be able to help you. I have been troubleshooting WordPress blogs for 4 years and have helped my clients overcome small and big problems alike. I created this page after a client said I should have ‘A big red emergency button for people with WordPress problems!’ I hope it’s big enough!

I am currently: Available for all your WordPress and Web emergencies and upgrades (which are usually 1-2 hours).

How does it work?

Here’s the shortest and quickest way I’ve found to tell you what I can do for you and get us working together super fast! I charge 250$ an hour.

You can retain my services by paying 30 minutes through Paypal or sending the equivalent in BTC (I accept most cryptocurrencies, so you can write to me to request a quote and payment address, but it will take abit longer).

I’m so fast that I bill in 15 minute increments but the minimum is 30 minutes.

Once you retain me, one of three things will happen:

  1. I will look at your blog, call or write with a step-by-step solution so you can fix it yourself or I can fix it for you (75% of requests total less than 30 minutes!)
  2. I will call you and tell you exactly what should be done and give you an estimate. You can pay the difference after the work is completed to your satisfaction. You can also submit this project plan to a Webmaster pool for bidding (20% of requests.)
  3. I will immediately refund your money if I am not available, overbooked or cannot help you with your issue (5% of requests.)

I can also upgrade your installation, install and tweak themes to your liking. Suggest and install plugins or tweak/fix them to do exactly what you want. I can help you integrate social media applications or buttons or improve SEO on your blog. I also do full installs which include all the coaching you need and hosting for a year. From 8am-11pm EST I get instant notification of your request on my phone or iPad. The rest of the time I will contact you the next morning. So that’s the jiffy :)


I will not request credit for my work, such as a link back on your website and generally do not list my clients. I consider that my help is confidential. Some of my clients write nice feedback on LinkedIn or by email. Here are a few testimonials.

“Marie-Lynn should be your first choice when considering web design, development and support. Her creative methods, as well as her ingenious coding skills, have helped me launch my online presence. I will most definitely continue to seek her unequaled expertise and dedicated support. My projects would not be where they are without her forward thinking and innovative solutions” D. Aguilar, New Jersey, USA

“I cannot say enough about Marie-Lynn’s phenomenal attention to client satisfaction. Within minutes of working with her she was solving my complex problems. Her communication, initiative and eagerness to help me succeed are beyond anything I could of hoped for as a client. I am convinced she is someone I will continue to hire and work with for some time to come.” M. Scibelli, New York, USA

“I knew you were the right person to ask about this!.” – Francis, Montreal, CANADA

* Paypal protects our transaction. I have a VERIFIED account under my full name. Pushing the button will shine a huge WordPress logo in the sky (just kidding, it will make my cell phone ring.) You can write to me at marie-lynn{at} to ask about my WordPress services. Blank big red button from WordPress logo is property of The WordPress Foundation.



You can obtain immediate professional WordPress support by paying for 30 minutes using the following link.

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