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Godmother of The Web

Tell me what you wish to accomplish!

I am the most bewilderingly experienced Web professional in the World and I hate updating my resume. Enjoy this version made in 2015.

What do I do? I do whatever needs to get done! I use my 24 years of highly technical experience in Computer Science and Web development as well as my creative attention to detail to grant wishes to smart people with ideas (or problems). I am available for 3-12 month contracts in Montreal or remotely anywhere in the world.

Hands-on CTO for various start-ups. Leadership in planning, documenting, auditing and guiding technological development for small businesses (5-20 employees). Experience in recruiting, vetting, hiring and managing excellent employees!
15 years of experience in managing projects for Fortune 500 companies and international NGOs in eLearning, Intranets, eCommerce and Web. Air Canada, Brystol Myers-Squibb, UNESCO.
Bootstrapped 5 start-ups since 1995, owned and operated 4 e-commerce sites (eBay, Etsy and stand-alone stores), over 100 women-interest e-commerce affiliate sites and developped 5 full-featured SaaS/Web products. Advisor on many start ups and majority investor in
I took up programming at age 10. From 1998-2007, I developed primarily on Windows IIS w/ VBScript, MS SQL, etc. From 2004, I decided to switch to a LAMP/LEMP environment with PHP, MySQL. Doing custom development for WordPress as well. I currently spread my instances between Linode (LEMP WordPress optimized) and Digital Ocean (LAMP and custom dev). Currently studying security and crypto-currency.
Director of Webgrrls (1999),  Director of Digital Eve and DigitElles (2000-2001), Mentor Ladies Learning Code (2013), Cryptowoman special projects team (2014)
Published over 50 articles on various topics since 1993 (print). Collaborator to the book “Femmes, math, Science et Technos“. Writes on the topic of embroidery, textile art and crafts for Writes on the subject of crypto-currency, bitcoin and Blockchain technology for and Co-owner and CTO of Qi Québec-imprimerie and Amérique Graphique.

Some of The Technologies I Work With




Ajax et al.

Graphic Design

MySQL, MSSQL, Access

VBScript, ASP, etc.

Image Editing (Photoshop, etc.)


Javascript, JQuery

SVN, Git


This chronological representation of my work is incomplete.
See my LinkedIn profile for a more comprehensive list.

Corporate Web Design / Development

Short term contracts in development for Edelman Canada in Montreal, Assembly in Seattle and Suez Environment in New Jersey. Contact me for more details about the nature of my work on corporate intranets and corporate blogs.

Last year we saw an increase in attacks on WordPress, the most popular CMS on the Web. As I un-hacked more sites than I ever did in the past, I took steps to deploy a specialized WordPress hosting environment that addresses the needs of new clients who have contacted me via my WordPress Emergency Button. I have also completed A LOT of performance optimization work for clients in Canda, the U.S. and Australia.

Support and Optimization Work

Straps Australia Orthopedics
Suez Environment, New Jersey


She gets what you ask for. She gives you results, no fuss.

Mathieu B.

Tech Journalist, Hardware revolution


In 2014 I celebrated my 20th year of obsessively building website and had fun experimenting with new technologies.

Corporate Web Design / Development

United Water, New Jersey, USA

Responsive re-design of client-facing corporate blog., Brooklyn, NY, USA

Biographical website, writing and PR for Bitcoin evangelist and entrepreneur.



Chief Technology & Security Officer Cryptomen is a boutique trading firm that manages crypto-currency investments with team members in Montreal, Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA and Chicago, IL.



Advisor: Technical social media and crypto-currency advice

Training & Support

Succulent Living

Rebuild the content-heavy web site of a busy sex educator.

Je voulais te dire que j’étais extrèmement satisfait de la collaboration avec Marie-Lynn. Elle a résolu en un après-midi ce que mon ancien gars a mis des siècles à ne pas résoudre. Un gros merci!




Technologue / Éducatrice Crypto-currency educator est un blogue en français qui traite exclusivement de monnaie numérique et des systèmes transactionnels de demain!


Custodian / Ange gardien Québecoin is the crypto-currency of Québec. Québecoin se veut être la monnaie numérique du Québec.


Kleptocoin is a crypto-currency project that implements transactions in a completely new way. It is a conceptual somewhat satirical system where coins cannot be spent, they can only be lent. It is currently in development.


This chronological representation of my work is under construction. See my LinkedIn profile for a more comprehensive list.


Learning something new

Crypto-currency and blockchain technology

Blockchain technology was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. It is a staggeringly simple means of storing and sharing value securely and universally without the need for a central authority. Blockchain technology can be used for a myriad of applications beyond transferring tokens such as Bitcoin. It will have just as much impact on the world as the Internet has had in the past 20 years.

Delving deeper


I’ve been doing security-related work in the field of e-commerce for close to 20 years helping clients with fraud prevention, forensic analysis and social media security for close to my entire career in Web. But the landscape is rapidly changing and one needs to keep up. On the horizon? Threats related to cloud hosting of sensitive material, insecure products of ‘The-internet-of-things’ and the relentless attacks on my favorite platform WordPress.

Corporate Web Design / Development

Cities Biodiversity Outlook

Custom coded responsive website (dynamically delivered in three different resolutions depending on client).

coming soon

coming soon

A Simple Process

Make A Wish

Tell me what you want to accomplish, what you need help with and what you need done.

Get a Quote

Receive a quote, accept the quote and pay 50% to initiate the project.

I Develop

Watch your project come to life as it is being developed on your own private web space.

We Deploy

Benefit from training and three (3) months of support after launch.

I Accept Magic Internet Money!

Crypto-currency is the first app to be built on top of blockchain technology. This secure encrypted decentralized store of value is the new operating system for our money.

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In 2010, I created my first graphic resume and it was featured in a few info-graphic blogs! It covers my career from 1994-2010.

I can always be reached at email