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The Gazette LIVING – They’ve Got Connections

The Gazette LIVING – They’ve Got Connections

For many years I was a member of WebGrrls. In 2001 the Canadian chapters were re-branded as Digital Eve. In Montreal I created Digitelles / Digital Eve (we must be bilingual) and undertook the launching of the new organization. The Gazette gave us some business coverage as an alternative to the ‘old boys club’ but they published it in the ‘Living’ section and not the ‘Business’ section which is somewhat nonsensical. After interviewing for about a dozen articles on the subject I was able to make sure the article featured as many members as possible and quoted the future director of Digitelles for this article and it turned out very well.

Though I would point out that the main reason that we broke away from the WebGrrls group was because it had been incorporated by a guy who had not originally founded the group and not because of the still-onerous membership fee.


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