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This project completed successfully in 2015. For regulatory reasons, the website is no longer available to the public.

Cryptomen is a boutique trading firm that manages crypto-currency investments. Cryptomen evolved from a hugely active Facebook group of 350+ crypto-currency enthusiasts from all over the world founded in May 2014.

We are a group of highly motivated up-starters with backgrounds spanning bleeding edge technologies in the fields of physics, computer science, e-commerce, business, math,  finance and even neuroscience!


Technology Consultant
Security Officer
(PHP, MySQL, JSON, JQuery)
Project Management

As CTO of the partnership, I work with our principal trader and CEO in Montreal, our financial controller in Washington D.C. and our content Editor in Atlanta. We also have a neuroscientist and a mathematician on staff from Chicago and Montreal who are doing high-level algorithmic trading research and development.

Blockchain technology is not just a new OS for your money, it’s like the HTTP of the Internet, and, just like the Internet in 1995, we have no idea what people will invent to run on such an infrastructure. The stratosphere is the limit!

Marie-Lynn Richard



  • WordPress custom development (PHP, MySQL).
  • Front-end and back-end programming (JQuery).
  • Graphic Design.
  • Coaching junior developer (MySQL) and educating intern (SEO, Social Media).
  • General Technology Support.
  • Manage, monitor and secure VPS instances for big data, trading bot and Website.
  • Database Architecture & API cron jobs.
  • Implementation and customization of charts (JQuery UI).
  • Configuring trading desks, virtual machines, secure staking of Proof-of-Work currencies.
  • Configuring miners for Proof-of-Work currencies.
  • Back-end management of bitcoin wallets and transactions.
  • Educating partners about audit-friendly blockchain-based accounting and payment processing.
  • Making sure ALL stringent security processes and procedures are followed.
  • Future Trading Software Feasibility Analysis and Architecture.

Examples of recent modules

Dictionary Custom Post Type

In order to make content accessible to everyone, I created a custom post type for crypto-currency terms. These entries can easily be turned into cute hover cards with the simple inclusion of a WordPress [shortcode] giving the editor full control over the creation and deployment of this content.

Interactive Coin Hover Cards

Following the trend of leading financial blogs, I created small hover cards with real-time data about the crypto-currencies mentioned in blog articles. The first version of this card includes data culled every 5 minutes from 4 APIs and displays the current price in USD and BTC as well as the change over 24 hours. Users can see the current trend line and choose a time frame. A branded version of this system will eventually be released as a javascript widget for other websites.

Sidebar Graphs

Sidebar graphs are currently under development. They will provide the same interactive information as the smaller graphs but exclusively for leading crypto-currencies that are held in our trading fund.

Real-Time Bitcoin Tipjar

Our blogs lets readers tip the writers in Bitcoin. The BETA version of our tipjar interfaces with our wallet to display the amount received so far. This next version will support other popular crypto-currencies.

Weekly Trading Boards

Trading boards are created each week to display the recommendations of our Principal Trader. The current iteration of this system features the starting price, the current price and the change. Our compact interactive trend line and trader comments complete the presentation. The Weekly Recommendations are a highly anticipated event for our community of 350 traders on Facebook. These boards are the centerpiece of the upcoming weekly chats which will be held on Sunday night. (Screenshot taken on August 22, 2014)

And enough projects to keep a weekend warrior cat lady busy forever!

As the principal developer of, I can implement anything I want using the immense trove of data
culled from more than 75 APIs relating to crypto-currency projects.