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First of all, let me preface this by saying that there are worst things in the world than insecure websites. In fact, our entire infrastructure of public services is a much greater target for cracking induced pandemonium than websites. But websites house our personal information, apparently un-encrypted, for the entire world to steal. And that’s a serious crowbar to the daily productivity and security of millions of people who still have a job, some credit or any property to call their own. If the middle class is hurting, how can it cope with constant phishing, ransomware, identity theft and other cyber crimes.

I am just a matchmaker of supposedly compatible open-source shareware. Sure, I program stuff in my spare times, but there is little in the way of WordPress functionalities that hasn’t already been developed into a snazzy plugin by someone else. So everyday, I integrate technologies that I need to review, test and fix. On top of this is the immense work of managing 6 servers for of dozens of websites that are important to my clients. Five years in, I have realized that this is immense overhead that nobody is paying for. And I have also discovered that because few are paying for web security at large, the infrastructure of many shared hosting companies is crumbling. I get expletive-laden tirades from colleagues about hosting providers I have done business in the past, some others I would never touch with a 10 foot pole. They are all hurting under the constant attacks on their clients and the relative lack of technical staff in certain areas. I haven’t hosted on a shared server since 2009. It’s been a huge uphill battle to re-learn all my Unix, errr… Linux and keep this infrastructure relatively safe, given that, in my huge stack of supposedly compatible open-source shareware, there will always be at least one vulnerability still undisclosed or yet to be patched.

But there are people who are much more dangerous to our infrastructure than cyber-criminals. I am talking about people who do not understand technology and who fund projects to take nude snapshots of you on Yahoo chats. A ban on encryption technology is a boon to criminals who will continue to use encryption technology to protect their process. Encryption exists, it cannot be un-invended. In fact, government’s hard-on for a Second Crypto War is a boon for people who develop privacy-centered technology. It is a boon for countries who do not have encryption-related laws. All this illegal wiretapping nonsense is also a waste of your tax-payer money.