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Not to be confused with an opinion, which is qualified, an UHpinion is a badly structured vomit of words based on unqualified information. 2013 saw an unprecedented number of UHpinions brought to the attention of millions by the mainstream media.

In the olden days, people who had opinions were usually those who had looked at a series of facts, read books or seen some kind of artistic expression and commented on their appreciation of it (or lack thereof). It is true though that the media only broadcasted the voices of those who were often fully qualified such as experts or critics. Today, anybody can try to form and broadcast an opinion to everyone else, often, failing miserably. There is very little requirements for an opinion to be qualified, you don’t even have to be an expert on what you are commenting on, but your opinion should still be based on facts.

If your opinion about the number four (4) is that it is evil because adding threes (3) together goes against the laws of nature, congratulations, you have just formed an UHpinion!

Today, the internet machine is capable of giving us factual content on any sort of subject, so it would seem that more and more people could research cool stuff and form qualified opinions based on facts. But that is not the case. Even our news anchors have a hard time remembering that news is different from opinion, heck, even they have UHpinions themselves. Also they do not know the difference between famous and infamous, and are soon forgetting that news is distinct from gossip.

So what are UHpinions based on? UHpinionated people are often just repeating stuff they heard from another UHpinionated person. It’s a sort of telephone game where the initial Opinion was probably an UHpinion as well! Opinions are great, even if they are contrary to your own, because they allow follow-up questions. Since, UHpinions are often mumbled quasi-phrases that make no sense to begin with, they do not really allow for follow-up questions.

The media loves UHpinions, especially UHpinions that sound catchy. UHpinions are conveniently controversial, crass, uninformed, shocking, outrageous, homophobic, racist or sexist, sometimes, ALL of these at once! They have become the seed content for what is the media’s favorite vomit piece:  ‘the fake controversy’. It’s really easy to pick random UHpinionated people to gossip about in order to avoid talking about the actual news, you know, the factual content that used to be researched and delivered by journalists. Now, much of the content of news is dedicated to things that will resolve themselves or be forgotten in 48 hours.

When I started watching 20/20, 48 Hours and Dateline in the late 80s, many hardcore news professionals were of the opinion that these shows were fluffy ‘newstertainment’. And they were right! We’ve come a long way! Nowadays, news sounds more like ‘let’s gossip about people who may or may not be related to events that matter today’.

We cannot go back in time when only a few voices were allowed in the media. It is actually a good thing that everybody and their uncle can voice an opinion on what they read or what they see. The average person may not be able to prevent themselves from self-indulgently vomiting UHpinions all over the place but the mainstream media should avoid bringing even more attention to them for the sole purpose of click baiting the internet.