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Nous avons adopté un chat sauvage qui semble être douée pour une vie de chat domestique. Voici quelques vidéos de ses premiers jours avec nous. Je lui ai fabriqué des petits poissons!

I live in an apartment building that has a small feral cat group. For the past 4 years, many generations of black and white kittens have come out from under the porch and we oooh and awww while watching from the window but they are too shy to approach. My 9 year old cat Tucker has a love hate relationship with them. He is fiercely territorial and he was destined to be an outdoor feral cat as well until my coworker took him in as a kitten and found me to care for him. He has grown into a huge fearless warrior outdoors battling feral cats and invasive racoons but remains a solitary beast. Still, last year he shared most of his food with a slender tabby kitten we called Twitchy and has been madly in love with a very pretty female we call Fluffy. It is hard to keep tabs on the local feral cats. There are many but they are quite discreet. I am pretty sure most of the yearly kittens die during the winter or get killed by the kids who play with cap guns (my own cat was shot last year…)

That very moment when a kitten just pops out of the BBQ begging for human attention.

That very moment when a kitten just pops out of the BBQ begging for human attention. October 30th, 2013

A few weeks ago I stepped out to run an errand with Stéphane and I hear kitten squeaks coming from the BBQ. It was a tiny black and white kitten!

We took the kitten along with us and for 45 minutes, she was calm and happy in my arms. What’s up with this kitten? Upon returning from our errands, we put the cat back under the back porch, where the identical adult lives. She stared at us from the other side. And then we left. A few hours later I was curious and went back outside. Sure enough, she was making her way back to my front door on her shaky little legs. So I took her in to see if she can become a domestic cat.

I would like to place her in a loving home. We have limited space here and my main squeeze likes to be alone. In fact, he has spent the last week sleeping on the ironing board away from the terror with 23 tiny daggers… Also, my spouse and his children are allergic to cats… Not to be outdone, Missy, which you will soon discover is a magical gift of the universe bag of crack of a kitten, is non-allergenic… It is only one of the things that baffle me about her! So We are looking to place her even though we are totally in love.

Here are some short videos of her first few days (turn off the sound, our house is full of noisy unpleasant sounding machines).

Want more pictures? Here’s a tutorial on making golfish toys for the cat.