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Following a stream of challenging but somewhat secret projects in the past few months, I finally have a new website to show you, and it’s a pretty one!

The Cities and Biodiversity Outlook presents the world’s first global assessment of the effects of urbanization on biodiversity and ecosystem services. It discusses the massive challenges ahead but also the unprecedented opportunities, and identifies knowledge gaps that are crucial to bridge. This partnership between Stockholm University’s Stockholm Resilience Center, the Convention on Biological Biodiversity and the Swedish Research Council Formas also features the short film ‘An Urbanizing Planet‘ narrated by Edward Norton. The Key Messages included in the site have really interesting case studies of biodiversity in urban areas around the world. Felix Pharand-Deschênes of Globaïa, produced these amazingly beautiful high resolution maps integrating massive amounts of data so I used Zoomify to make them easier to explore.

Every effort was made to make the site accessible to everyone. Obviously there are some staggeringly big heavy images available on the site but I used a blend of media queries and JavaScript to make sure the site is served as lightly as possible on all types of devices. All interface images are therefore served by stack depending on the resolution of the device making it possible for the site to be beautiful on screens up to 3000px wide all the way down to 320px going from 5MB to less than two megabytes on a low resolution cell phone. It is custom coded over Skeleton and only loads the libraries when needed.