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wcmtl_2013_speaking_badge_200px_enManaging multiple languages has always been the hardest part of building Content Management Systems. When I switched from building my own to using WordPress I became a matchmaker of supposedly compatible open-source shareware and so the task of finding the right solution to manage languages within WordPress began.

This weekend I will join other WordPress consultants in a debate about the multiple ways to create bilingual sites with WordPress. I’m on the Qtranslate team! I began using Qtranslate when working on a mandate for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in late 2010. Qtranslate is the solution officially adopted by the Canadian Government in its toolkit for WordPress.

I think each solution can be a great one depending on your situation. I consider Qtranslate to be the middle ground and always consider it first because I tend to prefer the simplest solutions.

Although recently I delivered two private employee stores and decided to use WPML with WooCommerce. In these stores, employees of large companies are granted a credit to shop for logo apparel and accessories manufactured by the leading ‘promotion via product’ company in Montreal.

Want to know more about all the ways in which we manage languages in WordPress? There are still a few tickets available for this weekend’s WordCamp.


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