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vine-firstA bit over a month ago, Twitter protégé Vine went global with its (still very buggy) iOS app. I was glad to discover beta tester Kevin (Rose) had been uploading videos for 6 months. Vine is quite simply Twitter 2.0; an app that lets you record and share 6 seconds of video. I guess it came about when the creators realized that six seconds is long enough to deliver the same amount of words contained in a tweet. But Vine is so much more! With successive one click operations, one can produce a short and engaging stop motion animation. Let’s face it, creating stop motion is incredibly tedious but with Vine it’s just click, move, click, move with ease and all you need is that macro friendly phone camera you already have in your pocket.

But after a month, there are little in the way of new videos on Vine, with one exception: Adam Goldberg.

You may remember Goldberg as the fish out of water boyfriend of Julie Delpy in 2 Days in Paris (a magical film that can be experienced three ways depending on your understanding of French, English or both!) Or perhaps you are one of the few people who has seen The Hebrew Hammer, a somewhat crass but still delightful Jewsploitation hero flick. Goldberg is an early adopter of Vine who has put a tremendous amount of effort in testing out the technology and telling a story that is intriguing when seen backwards, as a social media timeline flows. As you watch Adam’s storylines unfold, you will understand how much of a game changer Vine really is. For the first time I see a medium that tells stories exactly how I see them in my head… Who needs to create a two hour movie when you have Vine!

Be forewarned, Vine’s iOS app has some serious issues with permissions confusion if you are managing many accounts. In addition, the email validation trigger doesn’t accept dashes which are perfectly legit in user and domain names. Nevertheless, once you figure out how to reset your account and bypass these issues, it’s a full promising toy, or tool to tell a story in only 6 seconds!

Vine is a bit of a walled garden, you will require the iOS app to view videos optimally. Android users can find 3rd party apps to view Vine content but there is no official release from Vine yet. Tweetbeam has produced Vine Roulette, an impressive but very limited window into videos available on Vine. VinePeek lets you see Vines as they are shared across various platforms.