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One of the more interesting articles I read in 2012 was Jessamyn Smith’s What she really said: Fighting sexist jokes the geeky way! @ I really connected with this article because, for 18 years, I too have been working in a male dominated field, mostly with programmers, sometimes as a colleague, a project manager or the boss. What is truly interesting about the past decade though is that the average age of employees in I.T. and digital agencies has gone up making it a place that is beginning to resembles other businesses.


Since I do not use an IRC channel, jabber or anything like that I decided to install the Talkbackbot inside my WordPress Dashboard. I did it in the exact same way Hello Dolly, the original WordPress plugin is done. I simply modified it to use an external file rather than a local string. What is great about Talkbackbot is that there are 1643 quotes in it therefore I doubt I will ever see the same one twice!

I’ve developed a few private plugins (I do not like developing plugins because their footpath is so much larger than a simple script but sometimes it’s necessary). This is my first submission to the official WordPress plugin directory. My official That’s What She Said page is here. I am very impressed by the streamlined process WordPress has deployed to manage the Extend library of plugins. Having gone through the process whilst I have time to devote to it will make it easier to deploy future plugins.