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So I thought that, instead of writing about yet another Facebook ‘unintentional feature‘ I would write a simple improvement suggestion.

I have a lot of friends (393) even though I try to keep that number as low as I can, I cannot possibly be glued to Facebook all day long to see what is posted by all of these people. When I do an audit of what news I saw vs what news was posted individually by a sample of friends, I can see that I missed a lot of stuff… A lot. Facebook lets you tag some people as close friends so you can see everything they are up to. There are only 4 people in my close friends and those are people whom I spend most of my actual real life time with or schedule a lot of things with. When the shit hits their fan, I want to know immediately.

However, what is most interesting to me is original thought. Really, I couldn’t care less about all those miss-attributed and supposedly witty quotes or the fake Facebook intellectual property/IPO nonsense. Sure, it helps me judge who amongst my contacts is most gullible but other than that it’s useless and repetitive. Really, I just want to be able to zero in on all the new news in my friend’s life.

Facebook has a fancy secret way of deciding what it shows me on the front page. They have decided that ‘Most Recent’ and ‘Most Popular’ is the only two ways to go. I say bullshit.

Here is a filter I would like to see that highlight content from my friends.

Original Content

Status updates
They are the only true original content on Facebook.

Mobile posts
Everything that is posted from a mobile is likely to be personal content. Usually it is topical, unusual, funny, time sensitive and most likely original.

New Shares
If I share something from my blog, I am likely one of the first people to do so and Facebook knows that because my URL is new-ish to the Facebook content parser.

Pictures are usually original to the poster and if someone is tagged in a photo, it’s even more likely that it is original.

Facebook, you made your life easier by asking people to tag ‘Life Events’ but there are so many ‘soft’ ways to denote original content. These types of posts seem easy to discern programatically!