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So today I have a burst of things to announce which, I have come to realize, make me look like I have more time to do fun things than the average person. Well, actually I do but it’s not due to anything that isn’t within the grasp of anyone. After a decade and a half of working as a project manager in a professional capacity, I have learned to play Tetris with my time. Through constant optimization of my life to fit what I enjoy doing, it now seems like I have bent time and space… which is great! But I am still writing to you from the wrong side of a desk which will become my office space in a living room FULL of dangerous tools, mechanical bits, bins of wires and a whole bunch of stuff that I would label ‘trash’. You see, one of the reasons why I seem to have a lot of time is that when I get the impulse to make myself a vintage book bag and fill it with the exact copy of the badges I just saw in the movie ‘Moonrise Kingdom’, I know EXACTLY where everything is located to accomplish my goal. Even 4 days after moving! So I would like to get my spouse to benefit from this magical time-saving technique… So for longer than I ever expected this would take, he is finishing up with making an inventory and grouping his stuff. There is a very important goal here!!! He is full of ideas for awesome inventions (direct problem solving tools) but can never find what he needs to tinker and build a prototype.

Another way to save time is research. We want to build a garden in the back yard and find a way to produce the food we love ourselves. We currently have a basil plant and some thyme… But there are awesome videos on the Brooklyn Grange site of all the amazing things they have accomplished by building a farm on a roof! Today, the Brooklyn Grange peeps launched their new site. They are amazing! I worked with the designer on the WordPress customization (as usual, what began as a WordPress Emergency turned into a great and fun collaboration!) I installed a new script I created based on the old header rotator scripts that Matt Mullenwheg created ten years ago. My new script uses native WordPress functionalities to display random images in various parts of a site. It is super simple and the best part is that my clients can manage the images that are shown randomly via the Media Manager in the WordPress back end. I’ve built a very specific and optimized way of building sites, training my clients and hosting them. Removing FTPing entirely from this process saves time and money to my clients. I am releasing the script for free to the WordPress community, you can see the project page here!

And because there is always time to make…

The second badge inspired by Moonrise Kingdom is here! It is the shoulder Lasso badge. I used a three inch hoop and a stiff cross stitch base to embroider the semblance of a circle in green thread. I then couched a rope made with yellow embroidery thread. I was worried that I would have a hard time making a convincing rope from stitch because of the stiff fabric. The result is very cute! Because I had to cut into the green work to shape my final step I interfaced the back before finishing the badge with a yellow border. The result is almost round and very convincing. The badge is about 1.5 inch diameter.

Moonrise Kingdom Khaki Scouts of North America Lasso Badge

Next step?

I have two badges, one brooch (our heirloom gold sunburst brooch with pearls from Stephane’s grandmother) and the next step will likely be the black background function badge for the front of the shirt. I will use the vintage cotton black fabric from the thrifted African vest that has already rendered an Acer Aspire One case, a pencil case and a small piece of cut work that was short listed for an encyclopedia of needlework. Mine will likely have a computer-related post… though   LIFE HACKER   would also be cool!