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Dear Mr. Romney,

I recently came across your job offer for an experienced Web Producer. As a Web Producer who also develops custom systems for a wide variety of uses I thought I would suggest EXACTLY what you should be implementing in your website as you campaign for presidency of the United States.

I believe the following list of features will be helpful to you and your staff in managing everyday delivery of your message.

You should have a CMS system that is quickly installed and somewhat easily configured with an editorial queue that makes sense to your communication staff. I love WordPress as it is so easy to use my 11 year old loves it and of course it is open source per your RFP description. Since your RFP lists innovation as an important requirement, I thought I would explain the various tools that can be added on top to offer a dynamic web-based version of you as you have introduced yourself in the primary race so far.

All content on your website will be semantically tagged with the exact audience it is intended for (geography, gender and political affiliation) as well as associated with a very specific topic, you know, all those topics that are important or trending at this time. The WordPress core provides for categories and tags, this is ideal! Then I will install a very sophisticated geolocation system on your site that will identify exactly where each visitor comes from. This will be the base of your auto-pandering content delivery system (ACiDS) as each visitor will be presented with conveniently agreeable content about the topics of importance to them.

Secondly, and I believe this is the most important part, a convenient dashboard will be created with a list of all important topics. Every morning, your communication staff can peruse the list and indicate which side of each issue you plan to be on today and simply click on a big SAVE button. At this point, your entire content will update to reflect your exact position for the day. I believe this will save a lot of time for your staff. I like to call this real-time electoral platform synchronization tool ‘The Weathervane’.

These state of the art custom built Web tools will funnel users to the donation page by offering each one his/her most ideal custom Mitt Romney experience.

The previous proposal is compatible with any type of content you want to publish. Obviously, further discussion with your staff is needed to create other tools which could also benefit your campaign.

Obviously, the website will be responsive to display on a mobile device or tablet. Also it will be optimized for social media sharing as well as SEO and be hosted on its own server with all the requisite backups, node balancing and other bells and whistles.

Marie-Lynn Richard
Senior Web/Business Analyst