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The cardigan was VERY nice and luxurious (considering it cost two or three bucks at the thrift store) but instead of wearing it, I decided to undo a sleeve and see how it would frog. I was quite the nightmare but resulted in 6 sweet shades of fingering weigth yarn. Mind you the yarn is fragile and the sweater was slightly felted so at first I was sure I would not be able to pry it apart. Just a note here, before unraveling a vintage sweater made of short fragile fibers… wash it (albeit carefully). I was unaware that so much dust and crap could hide in a pretty sweater…

Amigurumi Teddy Bear from Recycled Far Isle Sweater#1

I took up amigurumi a few weeks ago because my daughter asked me how to crochet. After making her a kick ass squid out of teal bamboo yarn (with a hat… because apparently it needed a hat…), I decided to see if I could accomplish anything with this fragile scratchy yarn that came out of this nice thrifted sweater.

Tiny Teddy here is 3 inches high. He was briefly felted in hot soapy water to fuzzy him up a bit. While this yarn is really hard to crochet, it only used up the equivalent of a few inches of a sweater sleeve. So I could technically make an army of critters from this sweater. However, I can see in my head an amazing felted entrelac scarf that incorporates all these beautiful colors.

Marie-Tangerine (who now teaches her classmates to make felt hearts after school) asked me why I make her teddy bears. Then it dawned on me that she is 11 years old and might not care about stuffed animals anymore. She journals and blogs; I knit, embroider, crochet and craft because all of the feeling about the things I go through while crafting go into every piece I make. Knitting is also good to figure out algorythms and other programming shit. Plus, there’s a sense of accomplishment when I do finish a piece. After I give (or sell) my pieces I only need to see a picture to remember all the ideas, plans and feelings the piece contains. It’s like 3D journaling that winds up in other poeple’s homes.

Amigurumi is deceptively easy to pick up. And when you figure it out, it’s more like sculpting than crochet so the possibilities are endless. Tiny Teddy is here because I tried so hard to make granny squares and failed. Tiny Teddy turned out sweet and was created while watching The Edwardian Farm with Ruth Goodman, our new hero :)

Amigurumi Teddy Bear from Recycled Far Isle Sweater#1

I would like to thank WiredMySoul and Crochet Geek on Youtube for the tutorials I followed to get me going.