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I have recently set up my Dropbox to run Xampplite for development on all my computers. Incidentally, this will also allow me to edit my localhost from my iPad. While I can’t run Apache on my iPad I can use it to maintain libraries of code for projects I am currently developing and if those libraries are housed in the Public folder than I can fetch them and install them to my Linode using Prompt.

I am currently working on a host of contest solutions for Facebook and Twitter in Québécois!! It is rather hard and expensive to localize English Facebook apps and they are horrendously expensive and kinda spammy. I decided to develop a white label with no spamming whatsoever for my clients. I will offer 4 types of contests including viral Twitter contests!!!

So after 3 months of doing mostly offline things and crafting I am back on programming projects at least 5 hours a day. But I enjoy being able to develop anywhere with the device I want to use. Whether it’s my netbook, my desk computer or my iPad. However, this morning I decided to see if I could build a website from scratch using only my iPad. I could have used Prompt and Nano’d my way to an application on my Linode but most people don’t have an unmanaged server or SSH ninja skills.

But you know how thrifty I am, it’s how I can afford my slacker lifestyle of doing whatever the f*&?ck I want while investing in my friends’ potential, learning new stuff, cooking my own food, cleaning this insane huge space, programming, making my own gifts and spending as much time with my spouse and child as humanly possible!!! So I went the ultra simple route using only free software on the iPad.

I sketched my Dropbox appreciation heart image using Live Sketch HD which can be cropped and resized using Adobe Photoshop Express. Then I used Nebulus Notes Lite (which easily syncs with DropBox) to edit my html in the Public folder. Not happy with the long winded Dropbox URL, I simply shortened it with I highly recommend this if you plan on giving contacts your URL. Plus it will allow you to track sharing and visits to your website.

So here’s my little one page demo @

This is not a complex and dynamic website, simply an html site than runs a bit of Javascript to spice things up. You are welcomed to look at the source code or download the whole thing.

How will I use this? Ever since I started programming, I have created dummy apps to show my clients or colleagues what it would look like finished. Doing this allowed me to explain how the app would work (in 1995, there was lots of ‘splaining to do) while getting usability feedback. Using my public Dropbox folder and my iPad, I can show clients digital mock-ups or and continue working on my apps. You see, I leave at 6am to take my daughter to school from Hochelaga to Pierrefonds (and back) and this takes 5 hours per day. My old Netbook can only muster 3 hours of juice hence why I enjoy more options.

So there you have it, free web hosting for your html website FOREVER!