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I am currently working on a Swedish site that will be launched next Friday at the United Nations in New York City. My first ever professional contract was also a UNESCO partner site in 1995! I’ve been making intranets and private sites for the past 6 months so it will be nice to have a site I can show!

Also, I officially let go of my Windows hosting at Alentus (great company!) and so had to reprogram a few legacy APIs that had been running on that platform for 15 years!

Unfortunately, I also left a sandbox WordPress 3.6 install on one of my servers and it was compromised. Even though I deleted it, I’m still having to double check everything and it’s taking a while. I am happy I chose not to upgrade to 3.6 immediately. You see, any WordPress build that has a lot of new code is going to have a few issues that will be patched shortly thereafter. I’d rather only update once!!

This is turning out to be an eventful week!!


The bottle on the right contains mattifying nail polish that will turn any color into FUGLY!

My whole weekend is now booked, I will be lucky if I get a date night with The Neurotypical Whisperer in there somewhere! (Oh yeah, I am now producing a Youtube show as well!)

Oh, BTW, this article is about my noisy click-clack keyboard nails and customer service, namely, COTY customer service :)

A few weeks ago I picked up 3 bottles of NYC Color at my local Jean-Coutu. I got some Matte me Crazy because it’s the least expensive base and it works great by itself. The best nail polish in the world, if you consider color range and quality is MAVALA which retails its gold capped tiny bottles at 6$. (I’m almost all the way through a bottle of MAVALA Black Oyster (one coat black!) after only two weeks!) NYC Color to the rescue! If you are a cash-poor daily color changer like me, you can’t beat the price tag on NYC Color at barely 2$ a pop!


Water Street Blue NYC Color, glitter and Matte me Crazy NYC Color

The bottle of NYC Color 274 looked odd and I thought it was a new formulation but turns put it is just WRONG! I thought that the greenish tint could diminish the appearance of yellow nails but it looks terrible. As a top coat it uglyfies any shade and makes it look dead!

I wrote to COTY (also makers of NYC Color and Sally Hansen nail products) last week and I did not get a reply from them.

Updated: I received a package from COTY with a new bottle of Matte me Crazy! Thank you COTY!!

This week I discovered that the right Matte me Crazy will mattify shiny polish but the glitter still shines. I had wonderful blue nails this week!