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Oh no, I broke a nail! Even though the best thing to do at this point would be to shorten my nails, I decided to photograph how I go about mending a broken nail. I did not invent this, I saw a tip a while back that said ‘fix your torn nail with crazy glue and a teabag’. Turns out it works better than expected letting me fix huge gaps! There is a bit of a trick to it so hopefully this little tutorial will get you good at it on the first try.

You will need an empty teabag, quick bond glue or nail glue, tweezers, orange stick or toothpick, fine nail file & buffer and scissors. Also about 60 to 90 minutes of your time. Pick a good movie!

First, remove any varnish carefully. Rough up the top of your nail with a file. Cut up a square of teabag that will fit over the broken area. Apply glue to the nail and deposit the teabag carefully over the area. If the area is curved, it helps to form the teabag ahead of time to this shape. When your square is in place, apply glue to the rest of the square and made sure it is perfectly applied. Use the toothpick for this because now your work is super sticky and anything big will just run away with your efforts.

Wait 30 minutes. Cut up a smaller piece that fits just right under the nail and apply it in the same manner. This may be hard to do but don’t worry, try to get it placed as good as possible. This part is hard because you want to avoid getting glue on your skin. You can always use the toothpick to apply tiny amounts of glue where needed. Let dry 30 minutes!

You can now trim the nail to the right size and make sure it is as naturally curved as possible. It is not dry enough to work with yet! Wait another 15 minutes.

You can poke at it slightly to make sur it dries as naturally curved as possible.

Once it has dried completely and your teabags feel like a nail. If you feel it is too thin you can add another layer of glue on both sides and wait another 30 minutes. You can carefully file the top down to create a good finish. It is very important that your glue if fully cured to achieve a smooth invisible finish. If you do not wait long enough your glue will whiten, become gritty, porous and later react with the nail polish. Once you have achieve a smooth finish, buff it carefully until it is shiny. If the area is uneven, you can always fill in the holes with glue. Always wait until it is completely dry before repeating the finishing instructions.

Here is what my nail looked like a few weeks ago when it wasn’t broken. I am currently in love with NYC Matte Me Crazy which I wear as a simple clear coat.

I have been a nail biter all my life and rarely can be patient enough to grow long nails. I have cared for my nails meticulously since August and have developed a secret regimen. I am not sure when I will cut them to a more reasonable size. I can still code away all day long so right now I am just enjoying them.