I have been happy with my Powershot Pro 1 which I bought in June 2005. I paid a pretty penny for this camera, again around $1000. But then again that’s what I paid (and then some) for the two other Powershots I enjoyed before that since 1998. I enjoy small tiny things so I require the macro setting. At 8 megapixels, my old Powershot Pro 1 remained useful until recently when I tried to do action and indoor martial art photos. With only a moment to capture awesome shots, it was a catastrophe… So I decided to add another. After looking at the latest Powershot, I was disappointed because it felt so cheap compared to my heavy sturdy workhorse… So I went up a notch and got an entry level EOS Digital Rebel XS. Now I am a completely useless photographer so it will take a while for me to understand how to use this camera but I am already in love.

And because I m the queen of bad ideas, I decided to take my camera sport shooting in October, in a lake, while it’s raining cats and dogs. Some of the photos turned out great despite the gloomy gray weather. I love the portraits featuring real rain!

Russian Martial Art student Gabriel Charbonneau demonstrates a perfect Systema roll in 4 inches of water. Taken on October 2 at Plage du Cap-Saint-Jacques, Pierrefonds, Qc.

My spouse says I am the only one who can make him look cool. Stéphane Beaudin is a Systema Instructor (and Human Mobility Genius!)

All photos from the shoot are available on the Club Nagaika Facebook Page.