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This article is aimed at managers who run businesses and teams of multi-disciplinary Information Technology (IT) professionals such as Programmers, Webmasters, Developers, Business Analysts, Subject-Matter Experts and Information Architects.

While you are trying to figure out how your big corporation is going to successfully blog, “twit”, Facebook Connect and “Link In”-to the world around you, your employees are networking and building their social network using these very tools… In fact, they have probably been doing it for a few years, growing their personal brand and becoming recognized as key opinion leaders in their favorite topics, regardless of its relationship to their everyday job. These employees are valuable because they are demonstrating that they are leaders and followers and not get-out-of-the-wayers.

But what does it mean for your company as we enter into a second wave of investment… a second Web gold rush.

It has never been so easy for your employees to radiate outside of your company and tell the world how fantastic they are. It’s a great thing… for your competitors. They can carefully vet potential hires for newfangled high-paying Social Media jobs and all other IT jobs with Facebook, Blogs and LinkedIn. During Web 1.0 you removed that employee directory from your website to keep head hunters at bay. Now, what are you going to do? It is impossible to stop this new wave.  It is however possible to bring it back home, and engage employees with a ‘can-do-more’ attitude into novel in-house projects.

Do you remember this communication tool that was really novel ten years ago. It’s called an Intranet and yours has probably been gathering dust for half a decade as an antiquated one-way channel. You have to open the incoming channel and welcome Web 2.0 into your company and into your intranet where you can let employees tell each other who they are and what they do. You can then use this medium to make sure to assign your team members to projects that use their potential to the fullest.

You need to bring bi-directionality, Web 2.0 and Social Media in-house into your corporate intranet.