My Journey Using Midjourney for Concept Work

I recently asked Midjourney, an AI that produces images from text prompts for images of server rooms. I fell into a rabbit hole of requesting dozens of server rooms! I then decided to put a wrapping on these servers that would contain the name of the machine, but also give a feeling of why it exists.

Step 1: Be a sexy machine…

STETSON series machine in situ without corporate packaging or name tag.

Step 2: Be a sexy model

After seeing others use a specific actress or character to design new character concepts, I decided to pick a professionally handsome man to serve as my model, his name is Michael.

Example of unedited suggestions from Midjourney. Obrained via the beta and generated on August 29, 2022.

Step 3: Choose a champion

The winning design is one where the character is in context. STETSON is branded with cowboy imagery because the platform was first unsed in cattle farming. Our winning design is “A Thoughtful Cowboy”.

Midjourney learns from the images available already and it does not consider Michael Douglas to be a cowboy! Some results looked like “Gordon Gekko in a Cowboy Costume”.

Step 4: Bring it all together

Using the iOS app Procreate, I assembled the designs, and design a simple logo for the machine.

Step 5: Make it move!

I have used the iOS app Motionleap by Lightricks to animate the design. This tool is excellent but the PRO version is required to obtain this effect.

See my post about Marie Lapine, to meet the developer of all these cheekily branded machines that do math!

Choose TAB, When it Counts!

Stay tuned for more exciting series that can do anything your business requires!

Character Concept Work: Marie Lapine

Marie Lapine is an AI developer at TAB, a company in 2050. It is the primary provider of third-party timestamps for business. TAB has a habit of using employees in its advertising. There are hundreds of magazine ads featuring Marie, who has been featured in technology news since she was a child.

When Marie was 20, she was having dinner with her father, the controversial French pornographer, Hugues Lapine and his best friend William who is a Texas rancher. William explianed how expensive it had become to health check his livestock given the recent outbreaks. He said he would have to cut his business in half, if it wasn’t wiped out by disease first.

Marie explained that he could simply use drones equipped with cameras. These drones could film the livestock so that an AI could compare them with a model of a healthy animal. If the animal appeared listless or sick, a picture could be sent with the GPS coordinates. The drone could also paint a dot on the animals that need to be picked up.

William hired Marie on the spot to deliver this solution, and she did.

It became known as STETSON.

These character concepts for an active project were produced by MidjourrneyAI. None of the images have been edited, I use these images so you can see how Midjourney can do.

Where Has Marie-Lynn Been?!

In 2017, I had a concussion that made it hard to work (programming) for a few years. Then, the world was shut down and my new in person project Badgelife Museum, was put on hold.

For the last two years, I have been working on intelligence software that helps me do something that nobody else has ever done:

Quantum Genealogy!

I deleted my Facebook two years ago, even canceled my cell phone… I currently live in a cloistered way. I do not use social media, watch TV or see movies more than a few times a year.

Most of my days are spent reading about the history of science and technology and the people who made a difference in the 19th century.

As soon as possible, I wish to relocate from Montreal to Quebec City where I was born.

I am not currently available for short-term projects or hacking recovery services, I wish to develop long-term opportunities.

You can reach me at my gmail: marielynnrichard.