Fancy Embroidery Thread Winders

I created these thread winders a few years ago for myself. Then began selling them on Etsy and now, Craftsy. These are a cute indulgence :) GET THE WHOLE SET IF YOU PAY WITH BITCOIN! Source: Fairy Fancy Embroidery Thread Winders via on Craftsy Source:...

Remember That Mind Bender?

A few weeks ago I wrote 10 Reasons Why I May Be Catholic and posted it to a few Catholic related Facebook Groups such as Ask a Catholic Priest. In the original article I talk about my personal experience with Catholicism starting on the day I was born. In the 50s, 60s...

The Big Bagatelle Sale !

One of my most impressive and prized collection is my series of vintage and antique toy bagatelles. I collected them over a decade from eBay sellers in the U.S. and Canada. These wonderful ancestors to the pinball machine full of timely and historical graphics make...

Burger & UFC

For over two and a half years we could never spend Saturday night together, now, every two weeks we do have a ‘no kids’ Saturday night so we can enjoy burgers (photos) while watching the UFC. It’s date night! This week we celebrated the release of...

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