Step 1: Become and uneducated twat

As with other people on the spectrum, I have this debilitating ability to feel other people’s pain. Autism is like anti-sociopathy. When you are a sociopath, all other people are like NPCs in games. Who cares what happens to them. But when you are on the spectrum, the... read more

Trying something new.

Last year I started researching something new (to me). Bitcoin is a decentralized P2P system for transferring value across the Internet. The most interesting part of this technology is the consensus-based ledger that records and verifies transactions and remembers... read more

Delivering web-based applications to happy end users for over 20 years including : Facebook apps, SaaS systems (CRM, online auctions & eLearning), custom CMS solutions for high information businesses such as NGOs, educational institutions and Fortune 500 companies.

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