Hosting, Protecting and Managing WordPress

Don’t have time to update WordPress every few days? I secure, host and manage small and medium businesses who use WordPress! Stop worrying about your website becoming a vector for malware.

Start-up Support

Are you starting a business? I can help you make the best decision by quickly providing useful info about every aspect of Web development.

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Extend or Tweak WordPress

Hire me to tweak, extend or fix your WordPress. I can un-hack your installation, extend it to do new things or properly configure it for maximum performance!

WordPress/Blog Consulting

I provide consulting for CEOs, Entrepreneurs and artists who blog. With over 22 years of experience in Web and social media, I provide you with a full service Web department, for the price of just one specialist!

Managing privacy online has become mega arduous

With so little screen room on a smart phone, the privacy options are getting burried deeper and deeper. We are no longer sure if our private information is out there. Let's say I want to remove this potentially embarassing information from my iPad... The award-winning...

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Trying something new.

Last year I started researching something new (to me). Bitcoin is a decentralized P2P system for transferring value across the Internet. The most interesting part of this technology is the consensus-based ledger that records and verifies transactions and remembers...

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Fancy Embroidery Thread Winders

I created these thread winders a few years ago for myself. Then began selling them on Etsy and now, Craftsy. These are a cute indulgence :) [button link="" type="big" color="orange" newwindow="yes"] GET THE WHOLE SET IF...

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Delivering web-based applications to happy end users for over 20 years including : WordPress, Facebook apps, SaaS systems (CRM, online auctions & eLearning), custom CMS solutions for high information businesses such as NGOs, educational institutions and Fortune 500 companies.

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I work on highly technical challenging projects for awesome clients in Montreal, New York and Stockholm. Email is always the fastest way of reaching me.

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